Battle-Free Bedtimes

In Two Weeks Or Less (Big Kid Beds)

So, what exactly is

Battle-Free Bedtimes in Two Weeks Or Less is a comprehensive self training program designed to help you teach your kids to go to bed, stay in bed, learn to fall asleep independently without tears and sleep all night. This is not just a course. It’s lifetime access to all course materials (4 video lessons and course workbook), plus extra bonus modules. One-on-One coaching is also available via the course option, Battle-Free Bedtimes Plus, for those who desire to have extra support. Not to mention with this course you’ll be getting your life back!

My clear step-by-step approach and no-nonsense sleep solutions are designed to help you achieve your sleep goals in the fastest and easiest manner, all guilt free!

This sleep course shows you a clear success path of how to fast track your way to battle free bedtimes where you can enjoy each evening with your kids and all get a high quality night’s sleep.

If you have ever felt stuck, defeated, stressed to busy to make changes or completely overwhelmed when it comes to the topic of bedtime and sleep, you’re not alone! As a Parenting Coach who has worked with kids and families for over 16 years, I have helped hundreds of families achieve their sleep goals.

I’ve been listening to your goals and sleep challenges. I have an idea of where you have been stuck or what has caused you to get into the vicious cycle of battling bedtime. I have easy, simple and effective solutions to help you overcome these roadblocks. With this insight, I have created a one-of-a-kind course training that will serve my mission to help as many parents as possible achieve their sleep goals without guilt or complexity.

“We have a structured, loving bedtime routine and kids that actually sleep.”

- Alyssa O’Banion

What makes this the Best Sleep Teaching Program?

With this course you will get so much more than Battle-Free bedtimes. You will learn to improve your child’s behaviour and increase cooperation. Your daily parenting experience, as a whole, will improve with the immense amount of information and tools you will gain.

Lesson 1: Parenting Foundations For Success

Battle-Free bedtimes and easier parenting all start with a solid foundation. I will show you how to build strong parenting foundations to set you up for success. This is a course not only, about Battle-Free bedtimes, but will also give you information around your child’s basic and emotional needs to avoid power struggles. Get my #1 parenting formula to help your kids listen and cooperate in just 10 minutes a day.

Lesson 2: Learn to Develop Fair Boundaries

I will break down the reason your kids push bedtime limits and throughout the day into an easy to understand and grasp manner. With over 16 years of experience I am able to show you how simple parenting strategies can and will set you up with clear, firm and fair boundaries to make life easier for you and your kids. Discovering how to set fair boundaries is a required step in creating Battle-Free bedtimes and for making daily parenting easier and more enjoyable!

Lesson 3: Charts and Routines for Easier Bedtime

Get your kids involved in the process in a fun way! The more you involve your kids in the process, the more invested they will be. I will walk you through how to make your dream bedtime your reality in two weeks or less.

I will show you how to help your kids get ready for bed without battles, stalling tactics or negotiations. No more asking them to brush their teeth over and over. Find out how setting up age appropriate bedtime charts and routines will help your child build independence and responsibility. All of which will create easy bedtimes and daily parenting.

Lesson 4: Step Out For Sleep Success – Complete Sleep Action Plan

I will walk you step by step, night by night through a complete sleep action plan. Step Out For Sleep Success is a supportive, gentle and effective sleep teaching method without guilt or tears. Your kids won’t be left alone to cry it out or feel afraid. You will be there with them each step of the way to help you feel good about teaching your child positive sleep habits.

High quality and quantity sleep is your key to easier parenting. Finally enjoy the moments you have with your kids, because I don't want you to look back one day with regrets. Wishing you had spent your time together making happy memories and peaceful bedtimes. You can finally stop wasting time, energy and frustration each night battling with your kids to go to bed.


These bonus modules will help give you extra support and guidance as your work through the course. Take time to download your easy to access PDF guide to help you along the way!

BONUS: Step Out For Sleep

This module is a complete step-by-step guide to walk you through your sleep action plan. Use this guide as quick reference or “cheat sheet” as you teach your child to fall asleep independently. Having your plan handy and easy to access will be extra support as you create positive sleep habits for your child.

BONUS: Golden Time Formula (Only with Battle-Free Bedtimes PLUS)

Golden time truly is your golden key to easier parenting. Sleep and golden time will solve the majority of your parenting challenges. This module will go into further depth about how to make time in your busy schedule to connect with your child, as well as, offer you a complete activity list to help get you on your way without any extra work!

BONUS: Charts, Routines & Schedules (Only with Battle-Free Bedtimes PLUS)

Charts and routines will not only help ease your bedtime battles, but it will also build your child’s independence and responsibility. All kids want to feel capable and have a true sense of accomplishment. Help your kids build their confidence by creating easy to follow routines. Use the bonus charts within this guide to create morning and bedtime routines easily, starting right now!

"You've given our family more than I signed up for. That probably happens a lot with your clients, but it definitely happened to us.”

- Allison Nelson


How The Course Works

Work at Your Own Pace

Access to all course materials is available to you the moment you complete registration. The 4 lessons are ready for you to view at your own pace, but I highly recommend going through one course each week. Solving bedtime battles and creating a lasting solution requires you to take time doing it right! Moving through the course at a slow and steady pace is important so in between lessons you can:

  • ✔ You can stay focused and not get overwhelmed
  • ✔ You have time to complete the course workbook
  • ✔ You have time to implement what you learned
  • ✔ You can feel comfortable and confident with the new parenting tools

Learn How You Learn Best

This course is available in:

  • ✔ Video format
  • ✔ Audio download
  • ✔ Written transcript
  • ✔ Course workbook

1:1 Coaching- Battle Free Bedtimes PLUS

  • ✔ Receive two, 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls with Tia
  • ✔ Offering a more tailored approach to help you meet your sleep needs
  • ✔ Plus 3 BONUS modules to download instantly

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

  • ✔ Online on your COMPUTER desktop
  • ✔ Download to your SMARTPHONE and listen or watch on the go
  • ✔ Download to your TABLET and listen and watch where you are comfortable

Lifetime Access to the Course

  • ✔ The course materials are yours to archive, review and keep for life
  • ✔ Get free access to future course revisions and updated resources
  • ✔ Use and reuse the course for any sleep regressions due to travel or sickness
  • ✔ Use for future children as your family grows

“I can’t remember a time when I didn't lay with her until I was unequivocally sure she would be asleep, blood running cold, praying she won’t notice my attempt to sneak out of her room. Last night we read books, we talked, we sang one song and at 8:00pm she went to sleep...alone. Tia ❤ Thank you for my evening time freedom”

- Katie Garland RMT

Your Instructor

Tia Slightham
Tia Slightham

Tia is a teacher, business owner and most importantly a MOM. She has a Masters in Early Childhood Ed. and Certified in Positive Discipline. She has worked with kids and families for over 15 years. Tia is the founder of Tia Slightham- Parenting Solutions, where she works with parents to teach them positive ways to decrease the daily struggles we all encounter as parents. Tia will work alongside you to tailor a plan to best suit your family’s specific needs. The positive solutions will be effective, long-lasting and most importantly, will help you and your child re-connect. Let’s Start Talking!

Battle Free Bedtimes In Two Weeks OR Less Curriculum

Battle Free Bedtimes In Two Weeks OR Less – Consists of an introductory video, 4 core lessons, along with a course completion video. Each lesson is designed to help you with a step-by-step sleep success path to achieve better sleep, enjoyable bedtimes and save you time, energy and frustration …EASIER, FASTER & BETTER.

During the course, I also provide you access to an interactive course workbook and bonus module(s) to help guide you towards your goals.

Review the lessons below to discover exactly what you’ll be learning in the course:

Course Curriculum

  Lesson 1: Building Foundations For Success
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 2: Discover The Importance Of Boundaries
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

“Tia has helped patients of mine, at Kidcrew Pediatrics, teach their children positive sleep habits to create healthy, happy families.”

- Dr. Dina Kulik - Kidcrew, Toronto, ON

How This Course Came About

As a parenting coach and working with kids and families for close to 17 years, I have worked with hundreds of parents who want to solve their sleep challenges and create peaceful bedtimes.

I’ve been listening to your goals and challenges related to your child’s behavior, bedtime struggles and sleep. Working to help you achieve your goals, of battle free bedtimes and a full night’s rest. I have a good idea of where you have been stuck or what’s kept you from making changes to your current sleep challenges. I have easy, simple and effective solutions to help you overcome these roadblocks. With this insight, I have created a one-of-a-kind course training that will serve my mission to help as many parents as possible achieve their sleep goals without guilt or complexity.

This course is a complete start to finish guide, walking you through how to create battle free bedtimes in two weeks or less. Step by step you will know what to do, when to do it and how to do it, so you say goodbye to nightly bedtime battles and create an easy bedtime routine where everyone gets the sleep they need and deserve. The first two weeks of this course will help you set the stage and build foundations for easier bedtimes. These tools, strategies and foundations will help you create easier days with your kids, as well as, easier nights! The last two weeks deep dive into creating your battle free bedtimes in two weeks or less! It’s time you get your life back!

Learn more about Tia

What My Past Clients Have To Say

“Since birth, my daughter has co-slept with us, jumped out of cribs, snuck into our bed night after night. She has resisted bedtime with broken toddler gates, temper tantrums, manipulation, and tears (myself included). I can’t remember a time when I didn't lay with her until I was unequivocally sure she would be asleep, until I followed Tia’s advice!" - Kate Garland

“We had been struggling with bedtime for months. Both kids wanted their back rubbed for what seemed like hours before falling asleep in their rooms and then sneaking out once they were asleep. With the help of Tia we are now able to kiss them good night and walk out of the room while they are awake.” - Kathryn F.

“Our 4 year old daughter started waking in the night multiple times a night and wouldn't go back to sleep in her bed. Our sleeping problems were connected to other things during the day that this course helped us on. We worked through the process of gradually getting our daughter to sleep in her bed, and stay there, every night. I can't say enough great things about Tia or the process.” - Sam O.

“I have been out of their room for almost 2 weeks now. Bedtime is still about 45 minutes, from start to finish, but it is consistent and enjoyable. I feel grateful for this journey my family is on. Sleep health is important." - Alyssa O’Banion


So, what would it be worth to you and your family if…

  • ✔ You didn’t’ have to spend countless hours trying to get your kids to sleep.
  • ✔ You didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars trying to figure out how to get your kids to go to bed and sleep independently.
  • ✔ You didn’t have to rely on multiple sleep teaching methods all to leave you back at square one – NOT SLEEPING.
  • ✔ You could actually stick to one simple, easy and supportive method to teach your kids to sleep.
  • ✔ You could put your kids to bed in 30 minutes or less each night without tears, negotiations or tantrums.
  • ✔ You could actually stick to the sleep plan because it was guilt free and felt good.
  • ✔ You could get your life back and have freedom in the evenings.
  • ✔ You could enjoy the moments you have with your kids as you tuck them in peacefully.

Is This Course Right For Me?

You might be wondering if this course if right for you. I am here to tell you that this course is designed to take you from complete exhaustion and frustration to battle free bedtimes in two weeks or less! You will achieve these goals in the EASIEST, FASTEST and BEST way!

This course and the strategies taught are specifically designed to:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Maximize Time & Energy
  • Be Simple, Easy & Effective
  • Teach Your Kids To Sleep Easily
  • Add Enjoyment To Bedtime & Parenting

This course is perfect for you if...

  • Your kids are in "big kid" beds.
  • You want to take the battle out of bedtime.
  • You want to enjoy the moments you have with your kids.
  • You want to stop yelling and feeling frustrated.
  • You want your kids to go to bed without a struggle.
  • You want your kids to fall asleep independently and feel good.
  • You want to get your evenings back.
  • You are tired of spending countless hours battling with your kids to stay in bed or fall asleep.
  • You need a clear, guilt free, tear-free sleep action plan.
  • You are seeking simplicity and guidance to achieve your sleep goals.
  • You desperately want a sleep plan that works quickly!

This course is not for you if...

  • You are not ready to commit to the plan.
  • You are not willing to implement the simple parenting strategies.
  • You don’t need help teaching your kids to stay in bed, fall asleep independently or sleep through the night.
  • Sleep isn’t important for you or your kids.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase the Battle-Free Bedtimes PLUS program which includes 2 coaching calls with Tia, all calls MUST be used within 6 months of purchasing the course. Don’t forget to book them early! You'll receive instructions via email on how to book those calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach more than one child at the same time in the same room?
Yes! If you want your kids to share a room, you can teach the simultaneously. You will only need one parent to follow the sleep action plan. Instead of being near one child’s bed, you will strategically place yourself between the two beds.
What if there’s only one parent home to put the kid(s) to bed?
This sleep plan works well whether you have one or both parents available. This plan requires only one parent to do bedtime. If you have multiple kids in different rooms and they all need sleep teaching, ideally two parents home makes things easier in the beginning while they’re learning the new routines. If only one of you can be home the majority of the time, I would recommend having the older child read or do something quietly while they wait for you to put the younger one to bed first.
Will I have to leave my child to cry it out (CIO)?
NO!! That’s why parents love this plan. This plan works so well because you don’t have to leave your child to be on their own scared, sad or in tears. You will be right there with them as they learn positive sleep skills.
Does this plan always work?
This plan ALWAYS works as long as you remain CONSISTENT and COMMITTED. Following the plan and remaining consistent will give you your desired results in the least amount of time. It’s gentle, supportive and effective making it easy for parents to commit.
How soon can I expect to see results?
Results will begin to show as early as the first few nights, as long as you follow the plan.

Get started now!